AventaCell BioMedical Corp. ("AventaCell") is among the world leaders devoted to developing novel human-derived products for use in cell culture and tissue regeneration. Helios Bioscience is AventaCell's product family brand for their products to be used in cell culture and tissue regeneration. AventaCell technologies used in the Helios Bioscience line offer new human-derived solutions for use in translational research of cell and tissue-based therapies to meet the need for animal serum-free cell expansion and production. The demand for safe, efficient and cost-effective cell expansion and production is rapidly increasing with the growth in cell therapy and regenerative medicine research and clinical development. Helios Bioscience products are designed to support expansion and production of a broad range of cells including mesenchymal stem cells and multiple immunocell lines. AventaCell is committed to providing animal serum-free products to accelerate the research, development and commercialization of safe and efficacious cell and tissue-based therapeutics.

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