Excellence in Natural Product Research and Development for Novel Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and 

Nutritional Products

Our Company

Our focus is on natural products – that is what AnalytiCon Discovery is all about. In the course of evolution, natural products have been optimized in various ways and for a wide range of biological effects. Hence, AnalytiCon is taking advantage of an opportunity that is already inherent in these small molecule compounds. The company is the globally preferred partner to companies in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and agriculture sectors. As a research and development company, we cover the entire spectrum from establishing substance libraries, identifying active ingredients and synthetically optimizing them to production on a commercial scale.

We are AnalytiCon

65 employees at our location in Potsdam, Germany – complemented by a business development team in Rockville, MD, USA – with backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry and biology, form the backbone of the company. Our more than 100 clients, with whom we maintain ongoing business relationships, highlight the solution-oriented and pragmatic communication with AnalytiCon staff, in addition to our technological competence.