Nanotechnologies for Biological Applications
Nanotechnologies for Biological Applications

Technologies & Products

We are specialized in the production, customization and related contract research services of “tree-like” polymers of lysine, made up of an essential amino acid, with a perfect reproducibility and a very low dispersity for each generation (Đ < 1.3). Year by year, the synthesis has been improved to provide our partners beyond kilogram. These biopolymers are differentiated in generations, as dendrimers.

Our Dendrigrafts of Lysine, DGL, have unique physicochemical characteristics which made them really attractive around the world as nanotechnologies, mainly for biological applications, and especially in the field of health: targeted drug delivery, gene therapy, tissue engineering… About 100 scientific articles using DGL are now available, depicting numerous proves of concept in a wide range of applications.

DGL Generation 2 (G2) – 50 Lysine units
DGL Generation 2 (G2) – 50 Lysine units
DGL Generation 3 (G3) – 145 Lysine units
DGL Generation 3 (G3) – 145 Lysine units

StructureHydrodynamic Diameter
DPn: Lysine Units
G1Linear2 nm
5 nm50
7 nm145
11 nm360
16 nm960

For you, we mobilize our expertise and unique technology regarding the various possibilities of implementation of DGL. Thanks to their high density of free amine functions, equivalent to the lysine units per generation, DGL are fully or partially functionalizable, depending on your specifications:

  • Chemical customizations with: thiol, PEG, biotin, guanidine, aspartic, succinic, alkyl, (poly)saccharide etc.
  • Adapt the global charge (positive, negative, neutral).
  • Load with peptides, drugs, ligands, antibodies etc.
  • Follow & Localize with a fluorophore.
  • Covalently graft on different plastic materials (microbeads, plates…).


We initiated our activities in 2008 by marketing our compounds both as research reagents and also through collaborative research programs, for private and public stakeholders. These activities have generated about a hundred scientific publications to date as well as patents.

Our business model includes the transfer of the intellectual property rights to our collaborative partners so as to give them the freedom to

operate their activities while we secure our position as an exclusive supplier of the customized compounds, thus generating a durable and win-win partnership.

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